2016 List of Things To Do

2016 Things T o Do

  1. Read 100 (or more) books
  2. Complete two 5ks
  3. Attend a Panthers game (or more than one preferably but at least one)  Panthers vs Seahawks Jan 17th playoffs
  4. Finish writing a book
  5. Sell 25 copies of book
  6. Have pink flamingos in the yard
  7. Walk 356 milesDine al fresco
  8. Make a meal from purchases made that day at a Farmers Market
  9. Camp out
  10. Take a class for fun
  11. Read a book in one day
  12. Visit an art museum
  13. Visit a winery
  14. Get a book signed by the author
  15. Make 10 new playlists of songs
  16. Win a contest (Jan 4th won FitStar premium on Twitter! Fast work universe!)
  17. Photobomb a strangers photo
  18. Sell something on Etsy
  19. Bust a pinata
  20. Go week without fast food
  21. Make something from pinterest
  22. Sport a henna tattoo
  23. Finish recovering dining chairs
  24. Make 52 hearts and hide them around town for people to find
  25. Donate to a food bank
  26. Send 25 postcards & get 25 back (get back into Postcrossing.com)
  27. Tour Oakdale cemetery
  28. Complete successfully NaNoWriMo
  29. Obtain my goal weight
  30. Toss 100 Things in 2 Days
  31. Enjoy a bonfire
  32. Pose for a picture with a mascot or character
  33. Make a Vision board
  34. Get a new Panthers jersey
  35. Check out a new beach
  36. Renew my account info with local library
  37. Attend lecture/guest speaker event
  38. Drop off books at a little library
  39. Get and read a book from a little library
  40. Visit Airlie Gardens and relax for the afternoon (read under a tree)
  41. Visit Arboretum
  42. Finish a journal
  43. Attend a small town festival
  44. Plant flowers
  45. Eyebomb
  46. Run in the rain
  47. Meet an online friend
  48. Get my passport renewed
  49. Swing in a hammock
  50. Make a Kiva loan
  51. Meet a celebrity
  52. Leave a positive note on someone’s car
  53. Bake a pound cake to share
  54. Explore a new park
  55. Make a 2016 ornament
  56. Have a picnic
  57. Be able to hold a plank for 2 minutes
  58. Prepare my will & funeral plans (just don’t use them)
  59. Cook every recipe in a cookbook
  60. Win a DietBet
  61. Plan 2 perfect trips (even if I don’t take them…yet)
  62. Send an unusually shaped postcard
  63. Sign up for BeTheMatch.org bone marrow donor database
  64. Have someone tell me my spirit animal
  65. Paint with my nephew
  66. Finish a tube of lip balm before losing it
  67. Vote
  68. Bake a great loaf of sourdough
  69. Actually find something geocaching
  70. Get re-certified in CPR
  71. Find someone with your same name
  72. See a venus flytrap growing in wild
  73. Keep a hula hoop going 1 minute (years since I have tried one of these)
  74. Leave wishes in the Wrightsville Beach mailbox
  75. Tour a factory
  76. Find out ancestry through DNA testing
  77. Be a part of a book club
  78. Read a book before watching the movie
  79. Take pictures in a photo booth
  80. Turn trash into treasure
  81. Read a book currently on the best seller list
  82. Take a self defense class
  83. Contribute to a kickstarter campaign
  84. Read a book from year I was born
  85. Stay in a B&B
  86. Retile kitchen floor
  87. Participate in BookCrossing
  88. Make something using paint chips
  89. Take a picture for each letter of the alphabet
  90. Drink from a coconut
  91. Read a book published in 2016
  92. Read 2 books from a high school reading list
  93. Take picture with a statute of someone famous
  94. Be able to do a 5 minute wall sit
  95. #365project (1 photo everyday)
  96. Plan meals for one week (AND actually stick to the plan)
  97. #52Selfies (don’t hide from the cameras)
  98. Let a coin toss decide something
  99. #52Donuts (one per week because you CAN be healthy even with decadence)
  100. Visit New Orleans
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