2017 List of Things To Do

  1. Read 100 books
  2. Finish writing a book
  3. Go to a Panthers game
  4. Make bath bomb
  5. Complete a 5k
  6. Play with a puppy
  7. Don’t check social media for a day
  8. Reread 2 books
  9. Take pictures in a photo booth
  10. Have a night of no electricity
  11. Pay off a credit card
  12. Get a tarot reading from someone else
  13. Sew a blanket
  14. Study numerology
  15. Get my natal chart interpreted
  16. Color the tarot deck
  17. Take a picture with someone famous or a mascot
  18. Spend an afternoon reading under a tree
  19. Make a vision board
  20. Check out a new beach
  21. Visit a zoo
  22. Walk a labyrinth
  23. Get a book signed by it’s author
  24. Eye bomb
  25. Read a book currently on best seller list
  26. Win something in a contest
  27. Read a book in a day
  28. Send 12 postcards
  29. Leave wishes in the Wrightsville Beach mailbox
  30. Tour a factory
  31. Find out ancestry via DNA test
  32. Read a book before seeing the movie
  33. Read a book published in 2017
  34. Finish a 30-day fitness challenge
  35. Make a dream catcher
  36. See solar eclipse on August 21
  37. Pick fresh fruit and eat it same day
  38. Watch sunset on beach
  39. Hike in mountains
  40. Find something gem mining
  41. Play on a playground
  42. Visit Cherokee
  43. Visit South of the Border
  44. Visit New Orleans
  45. Visit a Ripley’s Aquarium
  46. Visit Cassadaga
  47. Visit Edgar Cayce’s ARE Headquarters
  48. Buy a pair of white canvas shoes and doodle on them
  49. Toss 100 things in 2 days
  50. Get a henna tattoo
  51. Work on a film
  52. Do a ghost tour
  53. Find a four-leaf clover
  54. Try a new drink
  55. Create a piece of art and sell it
  56. Cook every recipe in a cookbook
  57. Eat from a food truck
  58. Make something from a herb I grew
  59. Photo bomb someone
  60. Donate books to a little library
  61. Read a book from a little library
  62. Make a Kiva loan
  63. Write a children’s book
  64. Ride a train
  65. Ride on a boat
  66. Take a flight somewhere
  67. Be on Allison Road in Allison, NC
  68. See Shangri-la Stone Village in NC
  69. See Acid Park
  70. Visit Mary’s Gone Wild Folk Art and Doll Museum
  71. Visit Juacalla Rock
  72. Visit Town Creek Indian Mound
  73. See the Moon-eyed People in the Cherokee County Historical Museum
  74. Visit Medieval Times show
  75. Log in 100 miles in Runkeeper
  76. Complete an online course
  77. Read a book written by someone I know
  78. Read a book about an athlete
  79. Volunteer with an organization that I haven’t before
  80. Wake up before 7 am for one week
  81. See a movie alone
  82. Add 4 new tarot decks to my collection (1-Motherpeace, 2- Parrott, 3-Oceanic & 4- Akashic Tarot)
  83. Organize jewelry
  84. Learn to write my name in Sanskrit
  85. Play Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans game
  86. Try 32 flavors of ice cream
  87. Taste a new fruit
  88. Make cake pops
  89. Get 12 new crystals
  90. Complete a 1,000 piece puzzle
  91. Donate 1,000 grains of rice at FreeRice.com
  92. Get a hot stone massage
  93. Imagine winning $5 million and spend every cent
  94. Write a positive note and leave it in public
  95. Make a sock monkey
  96. Compliment 30 people in one day
  97. Do a past life regression session
  98. See a comedy show live
  99. Touch a shark
  100. Climb a tree
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