2018 List of Things to Do

  1. Send a message in a bottle
  2. See a shooting star and make a wish
  3. Send 12 postcards
  4. Complete an entire book of crossword puzzles
  5. Enjoy a campfire
  6. Take a spontaneous day trip
  7. Pull a good prank
  8. Watch 10 Ted Talks
  9. Take a picture every waking hour one day
  10. Complete an online course
  11. Journal daily for a month
  12. Re-purpose something as art
  13. Take a photo with a state’s Welcome sign
  14. Wear a costume
  15. Got to a Panthers game
  16. Have an annual pass to somewhere
  17. Check out a new beach
  18. Watch a play/show live
  19. Visit a historic site that I have never been to before
  20. Visit an art museum
  21. Ride a Ferris Wheel
  22. Win a contest
  23. Visit beach for 7 days straight
  24. Sew something
  25. Make a vision board
  26. Make 52 hearts and hide in public places
  27. Eyebomb
  28. Leave wish in the Wrightsville Beach mailbox
  29. Do DNA ancestry test
  30. Take pictures in a photo booth
  31. Take a picture with a mascot or character
  32. Visit a zoo
  33. Do a ghost tour
  34. Find a 4 leaf clover
  35. Donate 100 grains of rice on FreeRice.com
  36. Anonymously leave a gift
  37. Glitterize something
  38. Take a ridiculously goofy picture
  39. Spend entire day in PJs
  40. Play a board game
  41. Toss a coin into a fountain & make a wish
  42. Ride a rollercoaster
  43. Do a paint & sip class
  44. Buy a piece of art directly from the artist
  45. Use my soldering iron
  46. See a manatee
  47. Climb a tree
  48. Explore an abandoned place
  49. Finish a puzzle
  50. Run thru sprinklers
  51. Draw on sidewalk with chalk
  52. Visit a fair
  53. Purge 100 things in 2 days
  54. Get a new mattress
  55. Get a new couch
  56. Reorganize closet
  57. Pay off credit card
  58. Organize a book of photos
  59. Complete a 5k
  60. Lose 10 lbs
  61. Complete a 30 day fitness challenge
  62. Log 100 miles into Runkeeper
  63. Walk 5 miles on a beach
  64. Go week without eating meat
  65. Try a new restuarant
  66. Roast marshmallows
  67. Bake a cake
  68. Make reservations & dine somewhere I don’t typically
  69. Fast for a day
  70. Eat beignets
  71. Make gingerbread men/women
  72. Try panettone
  73. Eat strawberry shortcake
  74. Bake a batch of cookies & share with others
  75. Eat a cinnamon bun at IKEA
  76. Drink coffee on the beach
  77. Eat fondue
  78. Enjoy a slice of wedding cake
  79. Read 100 books
  80. Get an autographed book
  81. Read a book in one day
  82. Read a book released in 2018
  83. Start reading a book the week it is released
  84. Read a biography
  85. Read a textbook
  86. Read under a tree
  87. Read on the beach
  88. Donate 10 books to a local little library
  89. Read 3 books by the same author
  90. Read a book by an author with the same first name as mine
  91. Read a book written by someone I have met or know personally
  92. Reread a book
  93. Buy and read an entire physical magazine
  94. Have something I have written published
  95. Listen to a book read by the author
  96. Color a tarot deck
  97. Collect 6 new crystals
  98. Collect 4 new Tarot or Oracle card decks
  99. Get a reading from someone new
  100. Try a new divination method
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