New Pride & Joy

Ok I caved.

I have managed to go from someone who barely drinks coffee to someone who went & spent some christmas cash on a Keurig!

It took a while to convince myself & I went back & forth between models, but the sale prices did me in.

My thought process is that its a WHOLE lot cheaper than those delicious drinks from a certain java place.  Besides they only really light up my life when they offer the Pumpkin Spice Lattes – which is just a few short months of the year.

Also cheaper than the drive thru economical alternative I have been getting once in a while.

The other thoughts are – FINALLY I will be awake at work in the morning, even on the days that I don’t splurge on the lattes.  Plus it leaves the French Press in the dust speed & ease wise!  Not that I won’t still go for that on weekends when I want to.  Something so rewarding with the strength & method of the press.  But in reality, in the mornings I am just not up to it.

I got the B60 model, which has a timer on it to turn it off after a certain time – no forgetting & wondering all day IF I turned the coffee maker off or not.  Also it has a feature that turns the machine on at a certain time, say when my alarm goes off to wake me up.  That way the water does the quick heat up before being ready to brew while I am still dragging myself from between the sheets to the bathroom.  By the time I get to the kitchen, then machine is just waiting on me to pick the blend to brew today.

LOVE that I am not wasting a pot or press full of coffee everytime I want some.  The single cup is the way to go.  I can use the travel mugs I have without wondering what to do with the rest of the stuff that won’t pour in.  I have never been great about saving it & it seems like a horrible thing to waste.  Might be just the right amount in the french press if I had a roommate, but as a solo chick, its morn than I can haul to work.


Plus I got the K-cup where you can add any coffee, so that should help lower the cost & keep me drinking my favorites – mainly Deadman’s Reach by Ravenbrew!  It hasn’t made it in to me yet but its on the way (they were sold out other than one that was open… I’ll pass).

I am looking forward to trying most of the flavors.  In all honestly, I don’t really see the point of decaf.  But I have one that came with the machine, so I guess I will try it sooner or later.

Any suggestions on flavors to try?

I already have a box of pumpkin spice being shipped to me!  Can not wait to get those in the machine.



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