My date with Alice

Last night I found myself in a beautiful historic 1858 building in downtown Wilmington – Thalian Hall.  Its always a pleasure to venture within those walls.  I’ve sat on the ground floor, the second floor but til last night I hadn’t even heard of the galley.  I was thinking the 2nd floor was where I got my ticket, but when I got there the usher directed me to the elevator to go up another floor.  ANOTHER floor? I guess it had been a while since I had gone since I didn’t even know there was another floor!  So up I went.

The elevator opened up to a lobby filled with displays and props… storage.

Yup. Saving a few dollars got me a see in the rafters!

BUT I was assured by the usher that “dear Alice would rise” for the occasion. Huh?

Meet Alice

I was completely enchanted by Alice, the chandelier! So pretty.  The details are lost in these cellphone pictures, but I had to get a few shots.  Plus how have I never noticed her before?

Simply divine.  I can only imagine what shows Alice has seen through the years.  If those crystals could talk! Well then it would be a nightmare unless they all waiting their turn to speak, there were a million of them dangling.

room to stretch out

For a while I thought it was just going to be Alice & I in those cheap seats…. but a few others rolled in at the last few moments before the show started.

While the experience was great, I think next time if I really care about focusing on the stage & not the theater and all its details, I may need to pay for a lower seat.  Although it was interesting to feel like I was floating above it all.  Hovering in air above, with Alice.

...who rose as promised

Spending the evening with Alice, makes me long for my own chandelier evenings.  Wishing I had more going in the way of redecorating around here & getting up my own chandelier, without a name, who waits patiently in her box for her time to shine.


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