What a piece of Capiz.

So in scanning the DIY projects in other blogs, there was one recently that made me think – I can do that & I want to do that!

Capiz shell chandeliers are LURVELY & a bit out of my budget – especially at the moment.


this one runs $1,375 at Cielo Home

Could be very pretty for the bedroom until I can get my real one up & hooked up.

But a faux one seemed easy to make & exactly in my budget!  I got the circle cutter discounted ($12).  Two boxes of waxed paper (a buck each – $2), substituted a hanging planter for the lampshade frame ($1 – thanks Dollar Store) & the string, beads & glue I had around the house.  So a total of $15 for a new bedroom lamp? I am willing to try!

Course it was after I spent around 2 hours making the fake capiz shells that I discovered I can purchase around 100 REAL ones for about $12.  Oh well live & learn.  I’m adding more personality to it by making them, right?

Being me I couldn’t just leave well enough alone.  I decided to add a bit more flair to it.  So at the end of the bottom row of shells dangling, I am adding a couple of tiny purple beads, a mirrored bead & a couple of pieces of amethyst!

Amethyst is thought to help people bring the divine into even the mundane parts of their life.  Helps to ground & reduce stress, even help with insomnia!

I have several pieces around the house – was told once that as long as you have amethyst in the room you will feel comfortable there.  Having some hanging in the lamp felt right.

We shall see how it all looks & comes together!  Fingers crossed – even if they are a tad sore from the hot glue.

Back to work…. but first a few images that inspire.

Another Bedroom Upstairs

My Office 1

Cute right? Plus a bonus for using the faux “shells” is that you don’t get the tinkling & clinking noises that you do with real shells.  Great for outside or in a spa, but could be annoying at night in the dark when the AC comes on!

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