That scary thing that is happening

Lately I am having trouble getting out what I am thinking & feeling.  I’ve written several posts & then looked at them and thought… probably shouldn’t post that.  They range from full on rage to absolute fear.

Since cutting the cable cord, I find myself less attune to news & I usually like it.  Less stress.  Usually.

Not so much this week.  I’ve obsessed a bit.  I’ve literally made myself sick.  It is just a sad predicament & I still just can’t comprehend how any human can act in such ways.

Will skip the analysis and my opinion (for now at least).  Other than I wish there were ways of teaching people to stop killing people in any other way than also then killing them to set an example.


So all I can do is try to hope for the best and think of the day when world peace is a reality.  There HAS to be a day when it is.  Just hoping we all safely get there together.

One world together.


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