On the First Day of Christmas

My new love gave to me….

Well for starters I guess I should mention I’ve started seeing someone. A friend who had been around since April when we started sharing our daily lives via texts & emails. Both of us burned out on dating and just missing have a friend to chat with.  We clicked & before you know it we opened up about everything.  Crushes, dates, lives with less than ideal family situations, stress of relationships as he dealt with one and I hoped another might start. Finally we ended up together watching football in a sports bar wondering why we weren’t dating. Actually his ex had asked that question since he & I had more in common than they did. I just knew him more. Less trying to impress more honesty without fear. We were friends.

So we considered it a date & things went well. Both had horrible Thanklessgivings and have had enough of trying to date with people who either aren’t who they say they are or who refuse to open up and give relationships a chance to grow.

So why not? Could learn something. Certainly help us both deal with holiday stress easier to have a distraction. Get over past relationships. So why not? Worst case it doesn’t work out. Best case…. just never know.

More on that. But I will say he is a guy who declares he give 110% to this. (Hate to mention the math doesn’t work for that but…. he at least he is built like a beast!) He’s excited and his enthusiasm is almost contagious.  Trying.

So…. on the first day of Christmas my new love gave to me:
Couple of cokes at the bar (I was DD), dinner date meeting his friends, strolling in mall, visit at one of his foster dad’s garage to comfort a worker/friend going thru the death of their father, brunch at one of his favorite places where another friend was working. No partridge. No pear tree or even pears.

What I got was the feeling of being so beautiful and wonderful in a way that inspires someone to introduce me to his friends. Not too cool to worry about impressions or how I would take the gesture …just pride. For the record, not counting it as anything but polite manners and a guy who cares.

He gave me a confident strut and a smile.

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