Coffee Always Understands

I tend to do things at my own pace.

Not afraid to stand on my own and defend my opinions.  After watching my grams down a couple pots of coffee some days, I had no interest in the dirty water stuff.  Few sips here and there confirmed it was a good choice for me.  After I turned 30 a guy I was seeing bet me that he could make a cup of coffee, that even I could love. HA!  Fat chance.  So I took the cup knowing full well that I was going to prove him wrong.

Introduce puerto rican style cafe con leche to my life!

Yes I was into it.

girl and her coffee

While I am still very picky about my coffee, no Dad I have no interest in your weak folgers black stuff, I developed a love of the bean gravy.  Limited to one cup a day, sometimes two, I stick with the good stuff.  Has to taste good to me or it’s a no go.  If I just wanted caffeine I could have just kept life simple and stuck with some iced tea every morning.

The recent trip to Disney had me discovering the magic…. frappuccinos.  Pure iced bliss!  While exploring the French section in Epcot, my brother in law and I decided to splurge caloricly and treat ourselves to some pastries.  I was longing for coffee yet the heat made it seem less than appealing, so when I saw the machines churning the iced coffee I knew I had to give it another shot. Ah the Cappucino Glace.  Now I am not sure if that was a good thing or if my hips may hate me later in life!  This is one cup I am not putting down.  Delicious doesn’t even cover it.  Finding out this cuppa joy was everywhere, including locally thru a drive thru was a blessing (or maybe a curse).


Why does it all just keep getting better?

coffee and kindness

….yup a post about coffee. Just coffee.

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