It Ain’t Easy

Turns out writing a book is incredibly hard.


Just in case anyone wondered.  I know, no one ever said it was easy.  Just makes me more determined.  Actually I have started about 4 different books.  Finished? Not a single one.  One in particular I am focused on but the more into it I get the more I’m unsure.  It’s fiction and the more I dream about it, the more different paths it could go.  Part of writing I guess is deciding where to follow the story, and I am sure the more experience you have the better you are at determining that, but as a novice I can’t help but wonder about each potential outcome. Overthinking? Just a bit.

Makes me grateful for all the books I have read in the past, even the not so great ones.  Each one had an author who made those choices and focused enough to get it done and out there.  One day I WILL count myself in that group. For now, I am still working on finding my way.

Imagining how people did it internet baffles me.  I’m constantly looking up some fact or pinning an outfit to reference when describing a character’s look.  The organization of it all is enormous.  I’m grateful for the ability to delete and rewrite with easy. May wonder at times if it was better the first time, but it is so easy to do on a laptop rather than handwriting on paper. Plus the hours that go into organizing and writing amazes me.  I’m sure the most beloved tales than you zip through with ease devouring in a weekend, took an enormous time to actually create.

That is the beauty of the art I guess.


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