There Goes November Again

So…. National Novel Writing Month is nearly over!

Did I do it this year?



Which kind of sucks but I did write a lot.

The story I went with turned out just not to be me right now.  Took a dark turn that started depressing me.  Took a break to try to regroup and see if there was a way to still convey the story but with a more positive focus. Plus family time took a LOT of time away.  Something about family and a 2 year old nephew that just doesn’t understand that writing takes dedicated uninterrupted time to focus.  I caved.

What I did learn was that I want to tell a story that inspires.  Rather than just entertaining with actions and characters who grow through adversities, I want to grow along with them rather than just sitting back and watching the disasters unfold.  Maybe I needed to write that story to release something I still needed to deal with.  It did involve someone being attacked and recovering from the attack.  Which is where I got lost and depressed. Sure it didn’t get to 50,000 words, but it has definitely been worth it for me.

Another update:  I have completed the GoodReads challenge for this year AGAIN!  My original goal was 50 books in 2015, but I reached that early in the year so I doubled it.  Now I am up to 108 book for 2015.

29 Gifts reading on the Beach

Reread a favorite of mine, 29 Gifts by Cami Walker.  If you haven’t read this one, you should or at the least think of joining in the challenge.  To help get herself out of a funk (which is well deserved), she decides to follow advice of a friend to give something each day for 29 days straight.  Doesn’t have to be a monetary gift, but it does need to be something deliberately given.  If you skip a day you start back on Day One.  The mental and emotional changes are priceless. Since it is the season of giving it seems like there is no better time than now to undertake this challenge.

I promise you won’t regret it.

It’s Day Three for me and although I am not sure what today’s gift will be, I know that an opportunity will present itself and I will know it when it’s time.  One of the beauties of this process.

oh & I can’t possibly post without saying how proud I am of the PANTHERS!  Such an exciting season.  I’ve been devoted 100% for years, but the energy now is almost palatable!  Wearing my team shirts out gets a lot of reactions, bot in support and excitement and from fans of teams that aren’t doing so great.  In watching all that the team and players are doing for the community, especially the kids, part of me wonders if the success isn’t in some part related.  Talented for sure, but when you give, you receive and this seems like a great reward for all the wonderful things they are doing out there.


Carolina Panthers 11-0


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