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Blogging seems to be either losing it’s charm or going full blown business.


With the reduced amount of postings (I know I am guilty too) and so many blogs just ending, is the era of blogging over?  Is there even a need to do this or any other blog?

The how to blog posts on pinterest will promise you a million ways to make money with your blog and everyone at this point is expected to have a product to sell.  Seems the idea of just spilling your thoughts onto a page for recreation seems to be a dying art.  We used to reach out to those we related to and support each others’ efforts.  Now it seems that everyone wants celebrity status.

Me? While I could use the income, this is more of a public diary.  My focus goes all over the place and grows as I grow.  For me that’s enough.  It is still a great place to document snapshots of my life and track challenges with some accountability.  Just posting has helped me work through some pretty big emotions in my life.  People I never otherwise would have met have reached out and shared their stories and general encouragement.  This means more to me than any ad generated income could.

Also is a great place to try to share information that I feel should be shared.  Like all the good things that organizations are doing.  Blogging has made me focus more on the better side of human nature.  So I will keep doing that from time to time.  I’m astonished at how many great ways there are to help others.  The Ten on Ten concept I discovered thanks to social media and it has ingrained in my mind a trigger to do something on the tenth of the month for someone.  10 on 10 has become a cherished habit.


This month it was suggested that instead of donating the $10 to an organization, we go through our closets to donate 10 (or more) items of clothing to those who would need them.  While I missed dropping off the 2 bags I purged from my closet to the official push, I did donate them to a local resale shop whose profits go to support services for people in need.

So why the need to type this up and post it publicly?  Isn’t that bragging?

To put it simply, I hope that in some way my efforts will inspire others to do whatever they can when they can.  As far as bragging, I don’t try to.  Maybe sharing acts of kindness can be seen in that way, but it isn’t intentional.  That is the one downside I feel about the 29 Gifts challenge – I found myself at the beginning not just looking for ways to give a gift each day, but looking for opportunities that would be acceptable when I listed them on the website.  The spirit just didn’t feel right.  Reading what others wrote was inspiring and gave me new ideas, but I had to stop the feeling that I was doing it to write about it. So I stopped sharing with anyone the ways I gave each day.

I want to motivate, myself and others.

My hope is that blogs work through this identity shift and that there is a place for the shiny perfect blogs in addition to the more low key connection based ones.

Speaking of connections, I will break my word and share today’s gift.  Because it would be nice if you could help.  While shopping I stumbled on to some great deals on holiday/christmas (not getting into that argument) cards at a great prices so I splurged and got more than I needed.  Family and the few friends that I actually have addresses for are getting cards, after thinking about it I want to mail to others who might not be getting cards this year.  I mailed a few to businesses and organizations I felt the desire to give a hug to but I want to share with more people.

The art of sending cards seems to be a tradition that is dying.  When is the last time you actually mailed a paper card for someone’s birthday rather than posting a greeting on their facebook wall or sending a text? In a party this weekend a group got to taking about how we just don’t get cards this time of year like we used to.  A majority admitted they also don’t send them out themselves.  We missed it.

poor displays are empty this year

poor displays are empty this year

So if you know anyone who would enjoy getting a card simply from another human who cares and hopes that they have a wonderful holiday whatever they celebrate, shoot me an email (email address is at the bottom of every post) or direct message me on Twitter with their address & I will anonymously send them a warm fuzzy in the form of a card.


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