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Ever have an idea that seems to crawl its way into your mind & then refuses to leave? Right now I am struggling to find the answer to a simple question to just shut my mind up & yet the answer is alluding me.

Was catching up on a few podcasts I love and one hit me hard. The PsychicTeachers had a guest on, Mary Mahoney, who had started her own podcast, Chapters. After listening to the show, I had to check hers out and it left me with a thought. In her show, Mary talks about how she was in the hospital for a little while and being a big reader she asked if they had any books she could read. Waiting quietly in a bed tends to be a perfect situation to dive into a book. The hospital had 3 options as in three left behind copies of used books for her to pick from. None of them anything she was really interested in but she read them anyway. There are just times when anything will do.

I found that incredibly sad. Sure there are TVs and video games for patients, but when did we lose books? I know many times while visiting people in the hospital the TV is on for those who are visiting the patient. It was a distraction. Same commercials, news and reality one could watch elsewhere. I find most times I watch TV lately it raises my blood pressure and leaves me feeling hopeless. Not exactly what you want in recovery.


Even prisons have libraries.

If I ever am stuck in a hospital bed, bring books! If I am in a coma, I still want headphones with an audiobook once in a while. Just can’t imagine not having that escape especially in a time where you may need it most.

Hoping I am wrong and there are programs to connect patients with reading material beyond the trashy magazines and how your life is changing brochures. There are definitely times when being in care has you so medicated that the last thing you can do is focus on words, but what about those times where you are left for your mind to just wander around?

I’m guessing that kids hospitals have book programs, but do we stop reading when we get older? I know I haven’t and never intend to.


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