Disney Divination for 2018 & 2017 Review

Every year I see post all over every social media site about people choosing a word for the coming year.  Never really felt like limiting myself to one word but the tradition did give me an idea.  So this year I planned something a little different.

It all started with a bath bomb.  Simple decadent little spa session for one but this time I got one with a Disney Tsum Tsum hidden inside.  A Disney Divination if you will.

Decided that whatever character was waiting inside would be my inspiration for 2018.  I would watch whatever movie it was from & try to see what lessons I could take from them and apply to 2018.

But then it threw me for a loop.

I got Donald.

Probably my least favorite of the Fab Five simply because he is a bit of a fireball for no apparent reason at times.  He’s loud and angry & I just don’t relate to him like I do the others. Plus what movie could I watch to glean inspiration from with him?  There are a ton of cartoons but where to even begin? Oh well guessing I will be learning more about Donald this year.

He is my Dad’s favorite & part of the reason is that when his father was in World War II the plane that he worked on had Donald on the side.

So what other randomness will Donald bring in 2018? Time will tell.

What would New Year’s Eve be like without a year end review.

Instead of the standard 9 most popular photos on Instagram, I decided to collect my favorite post for each month.

Cheers to a great 2018!

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